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ARRL Software Library for Hams
Version 2.0

The content on this CD-ROM is divided into folders which contain software for a variety of ham radio weather satellite software. You will also find a CW Decoder Morse code translator, WinDRM digital voice software and HF digital software for PSK31, MFSK16, MT63, Slow-Scan TV, Digital SSTV, RTTY, APRS, Winlink 2000, packet radio and satellite tracking. Plus, handy software tools for calculating transmission line loss, creating custom DSP audio filters, and more. Bonus files include ARRL screensavers, audio samples, video files, and PowerPoint presentations.

Minimum System Requirements:  A 400 MHz Pentium PC with 256 MBytes of RAM and Microsoft® Windows® XP or Windows 2000. A sound card is required to listen to sound samples or use the sound-card-based digital communication software. Includes the free Adobe® Reader® and Microsoft® PowerPoint® viewer. Please note that ARRL does not support the software in this collection.

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