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W5YI Technician NCS-10
Book and Software Package

By W5YI.
This package contains everything you need to pass the Technician amateur class examination. It features all possible license exam questions (and answers!), effective July 1, 2010 and valid until June 30, 2014. You get the famous Gordon West printed Technician study book so you may study anywhere. You also get a computer CD with all questions, answers, and explanations of the answers, presented right on your computer screen. It runs directly from the CD, no installation necessary. The included CD is compatible with Win98, 2000, XP and Vista and Windows 7. You can print out sample tests or even take practice exams at your PC! A copy of the FCC Part 97 Amateur Rules & Regulations printed booklet is also included. This great package is rated by thousands of licensed amateurs as one of the best interactive software learning tools for preparing to pass the exam. This up-to-date material is valid until June 30, 2014. List price $29.95. [NCS-10]

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