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ARRL's Travel Plus For Repeaters™

Make TravelPlus For Repeaters your traveling companion, and you’ll never be alone on the road. Locate ham radio repeaters along any US or Canadian travel route using this map-based software. Point and click. It's that easy! You can trace a route and find all repeaters within a specified range on whatever bands you select. Choose maps that display major highways and cities in the US and Canada, or more detailed maps that add state highways in the US. Supports real time GPS tracking for display of current position, route and Maidenhead grid square on map.

This feature packed CD includes:
Create Route—Trace your travel route on colorful US and Canadian maps, and locate repeaters along the way. Map your travel route and tune in.
Search Data—Access the entire 2015-2016 ARRL VHF/UHF Repeater Database.
List Repeaters—and IRLP and EchoLink nodes,TV, AM and FM broadcast stations, NOAA weather stations, US and Canadian licenses and ham radio points of interest.
Print Reports—Print maps and repeater lists, and export data for use with radio programming software and more.
Track GPS—Support real time GPS tracking for display of current position, route and Maidenhead grid square on map (requires GPS device).

Minimum System Requirements: Pentium computer or comparable processor, recommended for Windows 32 and 64 operating systems (XP, Vista and Windows 7 or 8) with a CD-ROM drive. Hard disk with at least 50 Mb free (run from CD-ROM) or 260 Mb free (run from hard drive). 640 x 480, High Color (16 bit) graphics supported.

Version 19 April 2015. List $39.95.

The TravelPlus for Repeaters™ CD series was discontinued by the ARRL on April 30, 2016.

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