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The MFJ-144RC atomic clock has huge characters. You may also simulataneously view the indoor and outdoor temperature. This clock is automatically updated by the the national time station (WWVB). It even automatically updates for daylight savings time. It also features a clock, calendar and barometric icon (sun, sun/clouds or rain clouds). The indoor temperature range is 14° to 99.9° F. The outdoor temperature range is -39° to 140° F. Easy to use controls can set the display format to 12 or 24 hours and any USA time zone or UTC (GMT) may be selected. It may be set for English, French or Spanish. The outdoor sensor, operating at 915 MHz can be up to 300 feet away.

This clock is designed for hanging or placing on a table. Requires four AA cells (not included). 14.8 x 9.2 x 1.7 inches 1.7 pounds

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