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12/24 Digital Clock

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The MFJ-112B DXer's 12/24 hour world map-clock not only shows you the time throughout the world, but it also indicates day-of-week, month, date and year. Time display is hours/minutes/seconds. Push buttons let you move the display to any time zone on the world map. There is even a language display option for the day-of-the-week indication. It may be set for English, French, Spanish, German, Italian or Sanskrit. OK ... not Sanskrit, but it can be set for any of the other five languages.

Gray plastic case. With 24 hour alarm. This clock has a cool blue backlight feature for night viewing. It stays on for 4 seconds. 4.5x3.375x2.25 inches. Requires two AAA cells (not included). Click here to view larger.

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