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12/24 Digital Atomic
Clock & Thermometer


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The MFJ-130RC super jumbo atomic LCD clock uses 2 inch, digits to simultaneously display 12/24 hour time, date, day-of-week and indoor temperature in either C or F (in the range of 32-122F). This clock automatically receives WWVB Fort Collins, Colorado time signals to provide amazing accuracy. This clock has a very special time zone offset feature. It allows you to set the clock to display any time zone including UTC. This is an important function for radio enthusiasts. This clock measures 7.5 x 8 x1 inches. Requires two AA cells (not supplied). Includes feet or may be hung on a wall. Dark blue and white. The calendar is valid 01/01/98 to 12/31/48.

SPECIAL AVAILABILITY NOTE:   MFJ has discontinued the MFJ-130RC.
Their replacement model MFJ-130BRC only supports USA time zones. It does not include the special time zone offset feature to set the clock to display any time zone including UTC.

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