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12/24 Dual Digital
Atomic Clock

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The MFJ-121B atomic clock lets you simultaneously read both UTC and local time at-a-glance. It is fully automatic! Just install two long life AAA batteries and tell it what time zone.... it actually synchronizes itself to the exact time daily. It tunes into the radio signal emitted by the US Atomic Clock in Fort Collins, Colorado to give you precise and reliable time. Available time zones include: Pacific, Mountain, Central, Eastern and UTC (GMT). So you may set one for local time and one for GMT (UTC). You can set either or both for 12 or 24 hour format. The MFJ-121B will automatically detect Daylight Savings Time. Automatic backlight lights up every day at your preset time for 8 hours. Mounted in a handsome hard plastic frame, the MFJ-121B features HUGE, easy-to-see 2 inch tall by 1 1/2 wide LCD numerals and seconds display that makes it easy-to-read from across the room. Unlike the original MFJ-121, this new "B" version has a Daylight Savings Time disable function.

This clock uses two AAA batteries, not included. Mounts on wall or desk mount. Perfect for the shack, emergency office or professional office.

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