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Close Out Items 

Order # Item Description Regular Closeout Order
#2071 AD-44 T21 to BC-79 adapter $  17.95 $    9.98
  BC-80A Desk drop-in rapid charger for BP-81/82/83/84/85/111/112/113/114. VIEW No longer available
#2504 BC-144-01 Desk drop-in rapid charger with AD-94 sleeve for BP-209/210. IC-F3G. INFO No longer available
  MB-22 Alligator belt clip for R1 No longer available
#3330 MH-C500I Maha dual-slot ICOM 4008 FRS charger. VIEW $  39.00 $  33.98
#0704 OPC-044B DC power cord for 27/28/3200/3210/3220 No longer available

All close-out and over-stock items are new and with original manufacturer's warranties.
Supplies are limited and all items are subject to prior sale. No rain checks please.

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