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RFspace SDR-14
Front Panel

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RFspace SDR-14 Front Panel

The RFspace SDR-14 font panel is shown above.

1 — CAPTURE LIGHT - Yellow
This indicator is lit when the SDR-14 is capturing RF data and converting it to digital. (It blinks in non real-time capture modes other than 50,100 and 150 kHz)

2 — USB LIGHT - Green
This indicator is lit when idle and blinks when data is flowing from the SDR-14 to the PC.

3 — CLIP LIGHT - Red
This indicator is lit when the composite RF power into the ADC exceeds the full scale. (It is normal for this light to blink with extreme signal peaks and some atmospheric pulses. It is recommended to use the built-in attenuators to prevent this from happening to often. This is an indication of an overdrive condition.)


This input is called the Direct Input Port in the Software. It is a direct input into the ADC. In order to use this port, you need to filter and amplify the desired frequencies. The clock frequency (66.666 MHz) has been selected to allow sampling of the 50, 144 and 224 MHz bands.

5 — 0.1 - 30 MHz SMA
This port is the HF antenna input port. It contains a 10, 20 and 30 dB attenuator (software controlled) and a built-in preamp.

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