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Zycomm HF7070
Communications Receiver

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This device has
not been approved
by the F.C.C.


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The Zycomm HF7070 may be available in very late 2011. Like the AR7030, it will be constructed in England to exacting standards. The HF7070 will be a larger desktop receiver with a larger bright LCD, front keypad, final DSP IF for almost limitless filter bandwidth selection. It will have even better IP3 and even lower oscillator phase noise. We will provide additional information as soon as it is announced.

03/16/13 UPDATE:  Regrettably, it seems unlikely this radio will be produced.


This device has not been approved by the Federal Communications Commission.
This device may not be sold or leased, or be offered for sale or lease, until approval of the F.C.C. has been obtained.

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