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European technology is brought to the forefront by the cutting edge ELAD FDM77. This Italian-made, software defined shortwave receiver offers a host of advanced features coupled with exceptional performance. This multimode, continuous coverage receiver tunes 100 kHz to 60 MHz, employing a high dynamic range front-end with seven band preselection and preamplifier. Enjoy 1Hz to 1MHz tuning steps and keyboard direct frequency input. The triple conversion superheterodyne features IFs at 70 MHz, 455 kHz and 12 kHz. There are 10 kHz and 4 kHz ceramic and crystal filters on the 70 MHz and 455 kHz IF. Variable bandwidth on down to 500 Hz is supported on the 12 kHz IF. Modes of reception include AM, FM, CW, LSB, USB and DRM. Yes, DSP demodulators for all traditional DRM modes are provided. Support for DRM was engineered in from the beginning with a 12 kHz output to your PC sound card.

The FDM77 system includes:   the radio, ELAD Windows™ XP/2000 software CD, 120 VAC power supply [MFJ-1316], audio cable and USB 2.0 cable. Minimum and recommended PC requirements are: Pentium 700 MHz / Pentium 4 @ 1.2 GHz, 128/512 Mb RAM, 50 MB HD, 16-bit SoundBlaster compatible soundcard (Line or Microphone) without AGC, USB 1.0/2.0 and VGA 1024 x 768 pixel with 65,536 (16 bit) colors.

The European engineered and manufactured FDM77 is web upgradable to registered owners.

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