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RFspace SDR-IQ

The RFspace SDR-IQ™ with RF DSP™ offers unprecedented performance with a frequency coverage of 500 Hz to 30 MHz in 1 Hz steps. (Please note the low end tuning range is 500 Hz, not 500 kHz). It features the fastest and highest resolution plug and play spectrum display available. The SDR-IQ™ comes with the latest version of SpectraVue™ software. It supports AM, W-FM, USB, LSB, N-FM, DSB and CW with fully adjustable DSP Filter bandwidths and FFT sizes of 2048 to 262144 points. The resolution bandwidth is as low as 0.031 Hz. Click here to view sample spectrum display.

The SDR-IQ™ is the smallest SDR with RF DSP™ that samples the whole HF band at once and performs the initial filtering at a 67 MHz sample rate with 23 bit accuracy. It has a high performance Analog Devices 14 bit analog to digital converter and sends 16 bits of I/Q Data to the PC via USB (no messy soundcard cables required). The SDR-IQ is USB powered so no power supply is required. Works great with laptops running on batteries. It offers incredible receive performance and high resolution spectrum display capability. The rear panel has a USB port, serial port and BNC antenna input jack. The SDR-IQ software CD works with Windows 2000, XP, Vista, 7.
See QST February 2010 for a review of this radio.

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