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Icom IC-R75
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Icom R75 Filters

The Icom IC-R75 can accommodate up to two additional optional filters (one for the 9MHz IF and one for the 455 kHz IF stage).

Listeners who primarily enjoy shortwave broadcast listening my wish to add the FL103 2.8 kHz filter in the 9 MHz IF and the FL257 3.3 kHz filter in the 455 kHz IF.

Then in the AM Narrow mode you will enjoy the benefit of the supplied 6 kHz filter and the FL-257 3.3 kHz filter.

For even more selective broadcast reception, then go to SSB Wide and listen to the broadcast in ECSS. This will invoke the FL103 2.8 kHz filter. This receiver easily zero beats because of its 1 Hz tuning at this bandwidth and the PBT works particularly well.

Those who enjoy RTTY/CW on the other hand, may wish to consider the FL-52A 500 Hz filter.


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