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Computer based receivers have traditionally been about compromise, especially on shortwave (HF). The TEN-TEC RX-320 broke that mold, and the RX-320D goes one step further. The shortwave performance was nothing short of exceptional for the price range. The ergonomics of the graphical interface is also the best we have seen. In other words, it is easy and fun to use! Based on the price it is amazing. Based on the size it is amazing, and if you dare look inside in the cabinet you will scratch your head and say "How did they do that with so few components"? The answer is D.S.P. This is a true Digital Signal Processing based receiver. This cutting edge, software based technology dramatically reduces the number of individual electronic components. The result is you get features only dreamed of in previous receivers in this price range. Enjoy selecting any five filters from 34 built into the radio (25 choices from 1050-8000 Hz and 9 from 300-900 Hz, all with 1.5:1 shape factor or better). A spectrum display function is also supported. Memories store frequency, mode, filter, BFO, name, comments, notes. A local-time, world-time (UTC) clock is continuously displayed.

The RX-320 has a virtual tuning knob. By pointing to the tuning knob on the panel display the radio can be tuned by clicking. Point to the upper half of the knob and a clockwise arrow appears. The receiver tunes up in frequency by the selected step size for each click. Then just point to the lower half of the knob to tune down. The receiver tunes continuously if the left mouse button is held down. The computer's Up and Down arrow keys will also tune the radio. A unique dual S-Meter indication is supported. It shows current and peak signal strength.

This stand-alone, black box PC radio only requires access to a serial port and one megabyte of free hard drive space for the software. It runs on Windows® 3.1/95/98/XP/Vista. Click here for operating system information. As with most Windows programs you can launch the PC radio, tune to an interesting station, and then put it in the background while your PC performs other tasks. You can even surf the web and tune the world at the same time.

The rear panel has a line output jack to drive a computer sound card plus there is an external speaker jack (speaker not supplied). The RX-320 features a telescopic antenna or there is an RCA type antenna jack for an external antenna (recommended). The informative owner's manual is written by noted Joe Carr, and is very easy to understand, even if this is your first shortwave radio. This high-tech American-made product is a great value! Universal also stocks the optional Creative Express ERGO 4 Software package as order #4474 $134.95. Click here for more ERGO information.

This new RX-320D model is capable of receiving DRM digital broadcasts with extra software (not supplied) and appropriate PC sound card. The new D model has a 12 kHz I-F output jack on the back panel that allows received signals to be streamed from the I-F directly to your computer's sound card for Digital Radio Mondiale decoding. This special decoding software is available (for 60 Euros, about $90.00 USD) through the DRM consortium via the DRM Software Radio web site located at It is not available through Ten-Tec or Universal Radio. There is a list of specific computer operating system and sound card requirements to be able to successfully decode DRM signals. The list of specifications is on the DRM software purchase page located at Note that the last specification listed is suitable front end with 12 kHz output This latest D version is similar to ther earlier RX-320, but adds 12 kHz IF output for DRM compatability. You are now ready for the next generation of shortwave listening!

Please see the April 2004 issue of Popular Communications for an in-depth review of this radio.

Radios shippped after 02/14/08 are "USB ready". The software is supplied on a CD rather than diskette and a serial to USB converter is included.

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