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TEN-TEC RX-340 Memory Scan

In the TEN-TEC RX-340 the MScan mode is used to search frequencies stored in the receiver's channel memory for activity. To program this you may enter a Start Channel using the main keypad to input the desired channel (001, 050, 100, etc.). Your entry will appear in the memory/scan display window. Then rotate the Edit Knob to the next menu prompt, Stop Channel and input this number.

Dwell Time is time in seconds the receiver remains on one frequency after it locks onto a signal. Finite Dwell (adjustable from 0.1-29 seconds) and Infinite Dwell (> 30 seconds) may be selected.

Dead Time is the interval the receiver will remain on frequency after a signal drops out and the squelch closes. Dead Time is adjustable from 0.1-29 seconds.

Gaze Time is the interval the receiver will wait for a signal to appear on a quiet channel before moving on to the next. Longer Gaze Times are useful when searching for CW, SSB and some digital signals where short pauses may be present. Short Gaze Times are preferred for carrier based signals. Gaze Time is adjustable from 0.1-29 seconds.

The RX-340 also supports channel lockout to exclude specific channels from the a search.

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