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The AOR UPNB7030 is a dual function upgrade for the AR7030+ (not for plain AR7030).

The Notch portion is used to remove annoying whistles when listening in AM, SSB, Data and CW modes. A specially designed 4th order notch shape makes the notch "easy to tune" (unlike some other notch filters on the market) while retaining great depth. Excellent integration provides enhanced features such as notch follow and auto search for tone. The audio notch filter is tunable from 200 Hz to 6 kHz. These is Auto fine tune with signal tracking. The Nothch Depth is > 40dB 4th order notch (typ 50dB). The Width > 10 Hz at -40dB (@ 1 kHz) < 100 Hz at -6dB (@ 1 kHz)

The second part of this option is an impulse Noise Blanker. It is useful for reducing ignition noise from passing motor vehicles etc. Switchable and adjustable threshold to ensure the highest performance is maintained. Unlike some other noise blankers, this option even works well in AM mode, not just SSB. It features two available blanking periods: AM/SYNC 8mS / 12mS and SSB/CW 1.5mS / 12 mS.

The UPNB7030 requires careful installation.

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