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Watkins Johnson HF1000A

The Watkins-Johnson HF1000A is a fully synthesized general coverage receiver that combines analog and digital signal processing (DSP) to achieve a level of performance not previously available to the shortwave listener. Covering 5 kHz to 30 MHz with 1 Hz tuning and display resolution, the HF-1000 now provides commercial grade performance. Functions such a synchronous AM demodulation, noise blanking, I.F. filtering, AGC, demodulation, Beat Frequency Oscillator and passband tuning are accomplished through the use of DSP techniques. Filters with superior amplitude and group delay characteristics are achieved with digital stability and repeatability. An array of 58 I.F. bandwidths are available to allow the operator to optimize selectivity under any signal environment. Filters range from 56 Hz, for monitoring CW with exceptional signal-to-noise ratios, all the way up to 8 kHz for monitoring AM signals with maximum fidelity. Available detection modes are synchronous AM. FM, CW, USB, LSB and ISB. A tunable BFO can be adjusted in 10 Hz steps over a ±8000 Hz range, and passband tuning is available to further enhance the reception of CW signals. Gain control can be accomplished manually or automatically, with fast and slow AGC modes available. The squelch threshold is adjustable from 0 to -135 dBm, or it can be disabled. A noise blanking feature can also be enabled to effectively eliminate the adverse effects of impulse noise. A tunable I.F. notch filter allows the operator to reject undesired signals with the IF passband. The HF-1000 has an internal switchable preamplifier and attenuator, and analog S-meter, plus a built-in diagnostic self-test capability.

In addition to fixed-frequency tuning, the HF-1000 provides fast, flexible scanning capability. Three scan modes are available: channel scan, F1-F2 scan and F1-F2 scan with lockouts. For all scan modes, the dwell time can be set from 0.5 to 20 seconds or infinite. In channel scan mode, 100 programmable memory channels are available. Sectors of memory can be specified for individual channel scans, allowing the available memory to be subdivided into multiple search scenarios. The operator can specify certain channels to be skipped without having to delete them from memory. Memory channels can also be single-stepped manually. In both F1-F2 scan modes, the step size is user-selectable from 1 Hz to 25 Hz.

The HF-1000 can be operated locally via the front panel or remotely via one of two selectable serial interfaces. Measuring 5.25 x 19 inches, the microprocessor-controlled front panel proves a user-friendly operator interface with dedicated, logically arranged controls and large, easy-to-read LED displays. A majority of the HF-1000 operator-selectable parameters are controllable and accessible via the RS-232 remote interface. All receiver inputs and outputs are available on the rear panel of the unit with the exception of the front-panel mounted headphone jack. The antenna and external reference inputs, as well as the signal monitor and predetected I.F. outputs are available on BNC connectors. Speaker and dual-balanced line audio outputs are available on a terminal strip along with DC-coupled audio, RSSI and squelch outputs and a mute control input. The RS-232 interface is available on a DB-25 and CSMA interface is provided via a miniature stereo phone jack. The HF-1000 can be used as a tabletop receiver or mounted in a standard 19 inch equipment rack occupying 5.25 inches of vertical space. Operates 97 to 253 VAC (47-63 Hz) automatically adjusting to the input line voltage. Click here to download literature

Dimensions  ............ 19.0W x 5.25H x 20.0D inches
Weight  ................ 15 Lbs. (19 Lbs. ship)
Frequency Range ........ 5 - 30000 kHz
Display Resolution ..... 1 Hz
Power .................. 97 - 253 VAC (47-440 Hz)
Consumption ............ 35W typical
Antenna Impedance ...... 50 or 450 ohm
Selectivity (-3dB) ..... see IF FILTERS chart
Sensitivity ............ <.35 µV .5-30 MHz CW
                         <.56 µV .5-30 MHz SSB
                         < 1.58 µV .5-30 MHz AM
                         (S+N/N=10dB,no preamp)
Ref. Freq. Stability ... < ± 1 p.p.m.
I.F. Rejection ......... 85 dB min (> 90 typical)
3rd Order Intercept .... +30 dBm typical
2rd Order Intercept .... +60 dBm typical
AGC Attack Time ........ 15 msec typical
AGC Decay Time ......... Fast:  25 msec typical, Slow:  4 seconds typical
Audio Output ........... 1 Watt at 8 Ohms
Antenna Input .......... 50 ohms nominal, BNC
I.F. Output ............ 455 kHz, 50 ohms, BNC
Noise Figure ........... 14 dB max, 11 with pre.

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  Preselector Provides filtering of R.F. input spectrum to reduce broadband signal energy into the receiver. Tracking is fully automatic providing 11 separate filter bands. Can be bypassed. Discontinued

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