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J.R.C. NRD-545

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JRC Notch

The JRC NRD-545 Notch can be used to mimimize interference from heterodynes (hets), continuous carriers and even Morse code signals. The Notch function can often eliminate hets with very little degradation to the desired signal. When you press the Notch button once the Notch LED shows green indicating you are in Manual Notch mode. The beat disturbance can be adjusted with the Notch knob within the range of ± 2.5 kHz, in 10 Hz steps.

When you press the Notch button again, the Notch LED turns from green to red to indicate that Automatic Notch tracking is active. In this automatic mode the Notch filter will track within the range of ± 10 kHz even if the Main Tuning knob is turned. However, if you detune more than the 10 kHz then the Notch filter is automatically turned off.


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