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SWL Remote

Remote Control
for Kenwood R-5000


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The SWL IR Remote is a microcontroller-based device that decodes the Infrared pulse stream from a Universal Remote control and converts it into the remote commands for shortwave receivers and transceivers. The SWL IR Remote is connected to the Kenwood R-5000 receiver using the supplied 1/8in (3.5 mm) audio type cable with a 6-pin DIN male connector connected from the SWL IR Remote to the 6-pin DIN ACC port on the R5000. You do not need to use the Kenwood IF-232C Level Converter with the SWL IR Remote. (The baud rate is fixed at 4800).

The included IC-10 serial interface chip set kit must be plugged in the R-5000 for the SWL IR Remote to work (an instruction sheet is provided). You will have to disassemble the radio to install these two ICs. Be sure to install the ICs with pin one in the proper direction.

When using the SWL IR Remote, none of the settings are changed in the radio with the exception of memories that you write with the remote. All settings are temporary in the remote control. You can go back at any time to using your radio from the front panel. Please note that many, but not all R-5000 controls can be remotely commanded. Please see Features list below. Some analog controls such as Volume, RF Gain, Notch, IF Shift and Squelch are not controllable.

Power for the SWL IR Remote is provided by the included wall power supply. The SWL IR Remote draws very little power and does not include or need a power switch. Alternatively, 9-12 VDC at 100mA max can be supplied to the power connector. The center pin of the coax power connector is positive. There is a blocking diode in the circuit, so reverse polarity will not harm the SWL IR Remote control unit.

Your IR-R5000 system includes: Receiver module, power supply, IC-10 chip set and AC adapter. Please note that this device requires a Universal remote control (not supplied). The AC wall adapter and radio cable are included.


  • Turn receiver on and off.
  • Direct Entry of Frequencies
  • Frequency and Memory Channel stepping
  • Tuning Steps (10Hz, 100Hz, 1kHz, 5kHz, 10kHz, 100kHz, 1MHz, 9kHz
  • Scan Control: VFO Mode, Memory Mode
  • Last Start/Stop Programmed Scan, Start/Stop Memory Scan
  • Enter Commands Selects: VFO/Memory mode, A=B VFO, ANT1 or ANT2, VFO A or B, AM; FM and CW, LSB, or USB modes.
  • Announce frequency with speech synthesis. (Only works with Kenwood VS-1 option)
  • Memory management: Select Memory Channel xx, Memory to VFO
Please note that neither the SWL IR or the Universal Remote are Kenwood products.

Order # Photo Item Description Your Price Order
#1777 SWL Remote Unit SWL Remote IR-R5000 Infrared remote module (includes IC-10). Requires Universal Remote (not supplied) $109.98
     RCU  400 Remote RCA Universal remote control hand unit, providing standard Sony TV and VCR codes. Requires two AAA cells not supplied. Discontinued

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