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SSB Electronic DCM-137 Converter

The SSB Electronic DCM-137 Converter is a superior receive down converter for 136-138 MHz. Used in combination with the Perseus receiver, the DCM-137 provides exceptional sensitivity, large signal performance and high dynamic range to satisfy even the demanding users. Other receivers may also be operated in combination with the DCM-137. Input is 136-138 MHz and output is 28-30 MHz. The heart of the DCM-137 is an active, double-balanced broadband mixer with a typical Intercept-Point (IP3) of > 20 dBm at the input. The pre-stage of the converter uses a modern internally negatively fed back E-PHEMT IC, which exhibits a very low noise figure of 0.9 dB and first class linearity. The IP3 of this module is > 25 dBm. Preselection and spurious suppression is assured by a 3-stage Helix-Filter. A new mixing oscillator was expressly developed for the DCM-2. This crystal driven oscillator uses two selected FETs and several Schottky-Diodes for creating a spurious-free, low noise output signal.

The DCM-137 has a HF-tight, tinplate housing. Input is a female N jack. Output is to a female BNC-socket. The operating voltage is 9 - 14 VDC 300 mA [+] 2.5/5.5mm 0963. Reverse voltage protection is built-in.

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