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CommRadio CR-1a
Communications Receiver


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CommRadio CR1a

The CommRadio CR-1a communications receiver is a true SDR (software defined radio), but does not require a computer. Enjoy the benefits and performance of state-of-the-art SDR, but in a conventional radio package. The CR-1a SDR is independent of a host PC, using embedded digital signal processing technology that provides a degree of portability and performance previously unavailable to the radio enthusiast. Coverage includes:  500 kHz-30 MHz, 64-260 MHz and 437-512 MHz in AM, SSB, CW, WBFM, NBFM modes. (Longwave 150-500 kHz available with reduced performance). 64 memories (8x8) are available. Memory and spectrum scanning are available on HF. The incredible performance is combined with exceptional portability and ease of use. The radio may be powered via USB or 6-18 VDC input (2.1 x 5 mm diameter - center pin-positive). In both cases the Li-ion battery will be recharging, even when the radio is in use. The USB port is also available to update the firmware over the Internet and provide I/Q output. There is a quality speaker built into the bottom panel (... thus the large feet). All this top-shelf American technology and capability is housed in a solid, but compact, metal case measuring 5.64 W x 2.43 H x 6.10 D inches that weighs 1 lb., 12 oz. This radio comes with a DC cord and printed Owner's Manual [PDF 1.3 MB].

The CR-1a is similar to its predecessor, the CR-1. I-Q data and radio controls via USB port has been added and the display is now amber rather than green. The high capacity #18650 battery is now factory installed. Please also see the CTX-10 transceiver.

The manufacturer offers a powerful, free download to provide an impressive spectrum display capability.

video Click here for CR-1/1a video demonstration

Order # Photo Item Description Your Price Order
   18650 Tecsun 18650 Li-ion battery 18650 3.7V 2000 mAh. VIEW Discontinued
  ADPT40 82-3950 Linear power supply 12VDC 500 mA [+] 2.1/5.5mm INFO Discontinued
   Pyramid PS-8KX Pyramid
Regulated linear power supply provides 13.2 VDC at 6.0 Amps. INFO Discontinued
   UG255 UG255 SO-239 (UHF) to BNC male adapter.
(To connect a PL259 to CR1).
   Gobag RADIO GO BAG Protective carry bag INFO Discontinued
     Diamond RH-789 Telescopic antenna BNC INFO Discontinued
   MFJ-1811 MFJ-1811 Telescopic antenna BNC INFO Discontinued
   OM OM CR1/1a Owner's manual VIEW Discontinued
   ARC-110 ARC-110 Antenna jumper 4 ft LMR-100 BNC male to SO-239 INFO Discontinued

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