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Novex RM75S
Rack Mounting Kit

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Novex RM7100s

The Novex RM75s is an affordable rack mounting kit for the Icom IC-R75 receiver. It is the standard 3U size 5.25"H and 19" wide. Mounting holes are standard EIA and will match any standard EIA rack enclosure. This rack mount has a 0.090 inch thick aluminum tray. There are vent holes at the rear for cooling and holes in the base that match the radio’s footprint. The front panel is 0.125 inch aluminum and painted black. This item has a built-in speaker with a 3" Mylar cone and will handle up to 8 Watts of audio which is many times more than the radio can deliver. These speakers have a rich tone and are much more pleasant to listen to than the original radio’s speakers. The speaker plug is a standard mini phone plug and simply plugs into the radios external speaker jack.

Installation usually requires the removal of the rubber feet, wire bail and any side mount hardware. This is an easy task of unscrewing several screws. It is easy to install the rack mount, then slide the radio into place. If the user wants to secure the radio to the rack mount, the screws from the feet can be used. These rack mounts are designed for base use and will require additional support if used in mobile operation. (Shown above with IC-R75 which is not included).

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