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The AOR BP123 is a lead acid battery and circuit assembly for the AOR AR7030 and AR7030+. This internally fitted battery enables portable operation of the AR7030/+. The battery is charged using an inverter circuit mounted on the battery supporting bracket. Charging is possible from either from standard power supply or from any external DC supply supplying 9 to 15 VDC at 2 amps. The battery will achieve a 70% fast charge in 2 hours. There is a very slight decrease in performance when running from the internal 12 volt battery.

When operating from the battery, the AR7030/+ will not display the clock while in standby mode. This is to conserve power. The radio's back lighting has been utilized to act as low battery indicator and will turn off when the battery requires charging.

The BP123 requires careful installation by a qualified service technician. Considerable soldering is required. This option weighs 2.6 pounds 8.5 x 4 x1.5 inches.

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