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Japan Radio Co. CHE-199

The Japan Radio Co. CHE-199 is an internal VHF/UHF converter expressly for the JRC NRD-545 receiver. This options adds reception of 30-823.9, 849.1-868.9, 894.1-1849.9, 1910.1-1929.9 and 1990.1-1999.9 MHz. Full frequency display is supported. Modes of reception include NFM plus WFM 76-90 MHz, AM 118-135.975 MHz. Because of the superheterodyne design of the NRD-545, some spurious signals ('birdies') are to be expected.

Installation of this board does not require special tools.
  Be sure the NRD-545 is turned off, and unplugged before installing.

For removal of the board, JRC supplies two PCB removal levers.

Click here to view instruction manual page 1, page 2.

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