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SWL Remote
IR R75

Remote Control
for Icom IC-R75

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Discontinued Communications Receiver Options 

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The Icom IC-R75 is an excellent receiver and has a very extensive set of features for casual shortwave listening and DXing. The SWL IR Remote is a full-featured remote for the R75 that gives enough control to make shortwave listening a real pleasure. The SWL IR Remote gives you control of the RF gain, SQL (Squelch), NR (Noise Reduction) level, and inner and outer PBT (Pass Band Tuning) controls. The LED indicates when these controls are centered or in the normal position. If you are just getting started with the IC-R75, this may not seem important, but as you mature in your experience with the IC-R75 you will learn those valuable tricks that use of the RF Gain, NR and PBT offer to really make those hard to hear stations come in clearer.

Please note that this device requires a universal remote control (not supplied). The AC wall adapter and CI-V cable are included.


  • Turn receiver on and off.
  • Set a sleep time.
  • Control receiver volume with VOL+/-.
  • Mute receiver/return to previous volume.
  • Enter frequency directly to 1Hz in the range of 30kHz to 60MHz.
  • Increase or decrease frequency using CH +/- in steps of 1Hz, 10Hz, 100Hz, 1kHz, 5kHz, 9kHz, 10kHz, 100kHz, and 1MHz in the range of 30kHz to 60MHz.
  • Set up to five User Tuning Steps. Useful for detuning frequencies by one half of filter bandwidth or use a very small frequency step to quickly zero-beat in SSB mode.
  • Recall last directly entered frequency.
  • Directly select memory channels.
  • Move up and down through memory channels using CH +/-.
  • Start and Stop programmed and memory scans.
  • Move memory frequency and mode to VFO.
  • Write VFO frequency and mode to currently selected memory.
  • Toggle between AM, S-AM, LSB, USB, FM (configurable), or CW (configurable).
  • Select VFO or Memory mode.
  • Control of RF gain and SQL.
  • Control of Inner and Outer PBT independently and together. Both PBT controls can be moved together in the same direction as an IF bandpass shift, or in opposite directions to adjust IF bandwidth. This only works with certain IF filter combinations.
  • Enable NR and directly set the level. Only works with DSP (UT-106) option installed.
  • Enable NR and move up and down through the levels. Only works with DSP (UT-106) option installed.
  • Move RF Gain, SQL, and PBT to full CW, CCW, and default settings independently.
  • Set up to six (6) User Definable settings each for RF Gain, Squelch, Inner PBT, Outer PBT, and Both PBTs.
  • Select Fast AGC, Slow AGC, or AGC off (configurable).
  • Select Normal, Wide, or Narrow filter.
  • Select Preamp 1, 2, or none.
  • Select ANT 1 or 2.
  • Toggle RF Attenuation on or off.
  • Toggle ANF on or off. Only works with DSP (UT-106) option installed.
  • Toggle NB on or off.
  • Toggle Memory Label display on and off in memory mode.
  • Announce with speech synthesis. Only works with Speech Synthesis (UT-102) option installed.
  • Adjust LCD Backlight brightness.

Please note that the SWL IR is not an Icom product.

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