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for JRC NRD-535


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The JRC NRD-535 is an older receiver but it has a very extensive set of features for casual shortwave listening and DXing. The SWL IR Remote is a full-featured remote for the NRD-535 that gives enough control to make shortwave listening a real pleasure. The only analog controls that JRC has implemented in the computer interface are the PBS (Pass Band Shift) and BWC (Band Width Control). When the NRD-535 is being controlled remotely, the front panel controls are inoperative except for the NB Level, Squelch, Notch, RF Gain, Volume and Tone. (You can restore front panel control and then return to front panel control without going through a power cycle).

Please note that this device requires a Universal Remote Control (not supplied). The AC wall adapter and RS232 [DB9F to DB25M] cable are included.


  • Turn receiver on and off.
  • Release and resume remote control to allow front panel operation and return to remote operation.
  • Enter frequency directly to 1Hz in the range of 100kHz to 30MHz.
  • Increase or decrease frequency using CH +/- in steps of 1Hz, 10Hz, 100Hz, 1kHz, 5kHz, 9kHz, 10kHz, 100kHz, and 1MHz in the range of 100kHz to 30MHz.
  • Set up to five (5) User Tuning Steps. Useful for detuning frequencies by one half of filter bandwidth or use a very small frequency step to quickly zero-beat in SSB mode.
  • Recall last directly entered frequency.
  • Directly select memory channels.
  • Move up and down through memory channels using CH +/-.
  • Start and Stop simulated programmed scans.
  • Move memory frequency and mode to VFO.
  • Write VFO frequency and mode to selected memory channel.
  • Toggle between AM, LSB, USB, ECSS LSB, ECSS USB, and FM (configurable), or CW (configurable).
  • Select VFO or Memory mode.
  • Control of BWC and PBS.
  • Move BWC, and PBS to full CW, CCW, or default settings independently.
  • Select Fast AGC, Slow AGC, or AGC off (configurable).
  • Select Wide, Intermediate, Narrow, or Aux filter.
  • Toggle RF Attenuation on or off.
  • Toggle NB1, NB2, or off.
  • Cycle through Tuning Rates (1Hz, 10Hz, or 100Hz). Frequency stepping operates independently of selected Tuning Rate.
  • Settable parameters:
  • Enable/Disable FM and CW modes in mode selections.
  • Frequency pacing. You can control the pacing of frequency up and down. This is how fast the frequency changes when you hold the CH+/- keys.
  • Define up to five User Tuning Steps.
  • Status LED that shows communications status, normal position of BWC and PBS controls, settable parameter entry, and clear key operation.
Please note that neither the SWL IR or the Universal Remote are JRC products.

Order # Photo Item Description Your Price Order
  SWL Remote Unit SWL Remote IR-N535 This infrared remote module unit connects to the RS232 port on the back panel of the NRD-535. Requires Universal Remote (not supplied) Discontinued
  #2488   RCU  400 Remote RCA Universal remote control hand unit, providing standard Sony TV and VCR codes. Requires two AAA cells not supplied. $    9.95

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