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Collins 51S-1
Shortwave Receiver


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Collins 51S-1

The Collins 51S-1 is a triple conversion general coverage receiver that covers 200 kHz to 30MHz in thirty 1 MHz bands in featuring AM, CW, LSB and USB modes. It features a precision frequency display. The ten MHz, 1 MHz and 100 Hz positon are displayed on an odeomter dial. The remaining two digits are derived from the analog scale. Supplied bandwidths include 5, 2.75 and 0.8 kHz. The rear panel has numerous input and output jacks

14.75 x 6.6 x 13.2 inches 26 lbs.

Item Description Your Price
312B-3 Speaker INFO Discontinued
312C-1 Rack mounted speaker Discontinued
55G-1 LF/MF Preslector speaker INFO Discontinued
  Filter   200 Hz Discontinued
  Filter 3200 Hz Discontinued
  Filter 6000 Hz Discontinued

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