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Collins 651S-1
Communications Receiver


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Collins 651S-1

The Collins 651S-1 is a professional shortwave communications receiver featuring AM, CW, LSB and USB modes. Frequency ranges:  250 kHz to 30 MHz. Features include:  S/AF Meter, BFO, 100 Hz display It has jacks for:  IF Output, External Standard, Line Output Speaker and Mute. Supplied bandwidths include:  16/6/2.7 kHz. 115/230 VAC 47-63 Hz.

The Collins 651S-1A uses a Nixie or LED frequency display.

Item Description Your Price
635U-2 HF Preselector Discontinued
514S-1 Telecontroller Discontinued
  ISB Option   Discontinued
  Filter   200 Hz Discontinued
  Filter   370 Hz Discontinued
  Filter 1000 Hz Discontinued
  Filter 1100 Hz Discontinued
  Filter 3000 Hz Discontinued
  VLF Converter (12-250 kHz) Discontinued

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