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Collins 75A-3
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Collins 75A-3

The Collins 75A-3 is a high quality amateur band receiver covering the frequency ranges of:  1.5-2.5, 3.2-4.2, 6.8-7.8, 14-15, 20.8-21.8, 26-28 and 28-30 MHz. Modes of reception include:  CW, MCW, and AM phone. Two octal sockets have been provided for internal plug-in attachment of a Narrow Band FM detector and a Crystal Calibrator. There is a backlit signal meter. Visualtuning accuracy is to 1 kHz from 1.5-21.8 MHz and 2 kHz from 26-30 MHz. The 75A-3 saw the introduction of the famous Collins Mechanical Filter. A two position concentric switch under the BFO knob selects the supplied 3 kHz or the optional 800 Hz mechanical filter. Requires a speaker. 21.125 x 12.5 x 13.2 inches 50 lbs.

The 75A-3 matches the 32W exciter.

Item Description Your Price
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270G-2 Speaker Discontinued
8R-1 Crystal Calibrator Discontinued
F445B-08 800 Hz Filter Discontinued
F445B-60 6 kHz Filter Discontinued
A2-3 Universal Service Product Detector   INFO  Discontinued

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