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Collins 75A-4
Amateur Receiver


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Collins 75A-4

The Collins 75A-4 is a high quality amateur band receiver covering the frequency ranges of:  1.5-2.5, 3.2-4.2, 6.8-7.8, 14-15, 20.8-21.8, 26.5-27.5, 28-29 and 29-30 MHz. Modes of reception include:  CW, MCW, and AM phone. It has a double conversion, crystal controlled front-end for high stability and good image rejection. It has a permeability tuned, sealed master oscillator for accurate dial calibration. It utilizes mechanical filters for outstanding selectivity. Fast and slow AVC is available. Other features include:  passband tuning and crystal calibrator, mute line, noise limiter and Q-multiplier. The radio's controls are very easy to use. There is a backlit signal meter. Requires a speaker. 17.25 x 10.5 x 15.5 inches 35 lbs. 105-125 VAC 50-60 Hz 85 watts.

The 75A-4 matches the KWS-1 transmitter.

Item Description Your Price
136C-1 Noise Blanker Discontinued
270-G3 Speaker with 10 inch element Discontinued
312A Speaker with lamp Discontinued
541 6291 00 Vernier Tuning Knob 4:1 ratio. Discontinued
F445J-08 800 Hz Filter Discontinued
F445J-60 6 kHz Filter Discontinued

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