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Collins 75S-3
Amateur Receiver


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Collins 75S-3

The Collins 75S-3 is a high quality amateur band receiver featuring AM, CW, LSB and USB modes. Frequency ranges:  3.4-3.6, 3.6-3.8, 3.8-4, 7-7.2, 7.2-7.4, 14-14.2, 14.2-14.4, 14.8-15, 21.2-21.4, 21.4-21.6, 28.5-28.7 MHz. Features include:  S-Meter, Preselector, 100 kHz Crystal Calibrator 100 kHz, Rejection Tuning, AGC OFF/SLO/FST, BFO and Fiduciary Adjust. It has jacks for:  Anti-Vox Jack, Sidetone Jack, Speaker and Mute.

The 75S-3 matches the Collins 32S-3 transmitter. Requires a speaker.

14.75 x 7.7 5x 12.5 inches 20 lbs.

The Collins 75S-3A has 14 additional 200 kHz positions and an additional knob above the band select switch.

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