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The Japan Radio Company CMH-530 is a RTTY (radioteletype) demdodulator for the
NRD-525 and NRD-535. It consist of a single plug-in board.
Speeds of 45.45 and 50 baud are supported. Shifts of ±85, ±200 and ±425 kHz are supported.
The printer port conforms to the Centronics™ parallel standard. Use optional cable 6ZCJD00139.
Output is also supported to the RS-232C standard if optional CMH-532 serial board is installed.

To aid in tuning a RTTY signal, a CKJ-61 tuning indicator is included.
It simply plugs into two RCA phone jacks on the back panel of the NRD-525.

Supplied with two board pullers, manual with schematic and Centronics plug.

Note:  For NRD-525 serial numbers BE36071 to BR36120 the ROM in the CPU Unit CDC-353 must be replaced.

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