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Hallicrafters CR3000
AM/FM/SW Receiver


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Hallicrafters CR3000

The Hallicrafters CR3000 is a unique tabletop receiver covering longwave 190-400 kHz, AM, FM stereo broadcast band plus shortwave. The shortwave ranges are:   2-4, 5.85-10.3 and 11.4-18.2 MHz. The bands are displayed on an analog rotary dial. Features include:   ¼" Headphone Jack and S-Meter, Bass, Treble, BFO, RF Gain and Loudness. Enjoy full rich sound with 10 watts RMS per channel. There are inputs for: magnetic cartridge phonograph, ceramic cartridge phonograph and tape recorder. Stereo outputs include:  Tape Recorder and Speakers. There is a Ferrite rod on the rear panel for longwave and medium wave and terminals for FM and shortwave antennas. Speakers for this radio are not supplied.

105-125 VAC 50-60 Hz. 15.675 x 4.875 x 12.25 inches 16.5 lbs.

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