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The Japan Radio Company NRD-515 has earned a reputation for outstanding quality and unexcelled performance. This radio covers 100 kHz to 30 MHz in RTTY, CW, USB, LSB and AM modes. It is the unchallenged favorite for RTTY/FAX reception, coming from the marine radio tradition for which JRC is famous. A digital VFO with with phase lock loop synthesizer, combined with a photo-type rotary encoder results in tuning totally free of backlash, reading error and secular variation. The up-conversion double superheterodyne circuit virtually eliminates images. Frequency selection is very intuitive. Just select the desired MHz. and then tune the main tuning knob or rapid up-down switch. Effective passband tuning is provided to eliminate adjacent channel interference during CW/SSB reception. Selectivity can be selected independent of mode. A 6.0 and 2.4 kHz filters are provided as well as two additional slots for optional filters. Other refinements include:  Attenuator, Delta (Fine) Tuning, S-Meter, Noise Blanker and External VFO. The rear panel has antenna input and speaker output jacks as well as a connector for the optional memory or keypad. This radio requires a speaker such as the optional NVA-515. Optional NDH-515 and NDH-518 external memories were offered. JRC eventually also produced the NCM-515 wired frequency controller. The NRD-515 was an affordable follow up to the NRD-505 and a perfect mate for the matching NSD-515 transmitter. Supplied accessory pack includes: 4 RCA phono plugs, 1 PL-259, spare S-meter lamp, phone plug, J3 TX plug.

Order # Item Description Price Order
  CFL-218 This 1800 Hz filter is for SSB and wide shifted 850 Hz RTTY. Discontinued
  CFL-230 This 300 Hz filter is great for narrow CW or 170Hz shifted RTTY. Discontinued
  CFL-260 This 600 Hz filter is great for CW or narrow shifted RTTY. Discontinued
#6779 MPPC07961 Daughter board for two filters. INFO $49.98 Order
  NCM-515 Wired keypad frequency controller with four memories. INFO Discontinued
  NDH-515 External memory unit - 24 channel. INFO Discontinued
  NDH-518 External memory unit - 96 channel. INFO Discontinued
  NVA-515 Matching external speaker with audio cable. 4 ohm. INFO Discontinued
  ST-3 Deluxe monaural communications headphones. INFO Discontinued
#6582 OM NDH518 Printed English/Japanese Owner's Manual. VIEW   With SCHEMATIC. $19.95 Order
  OM NRD515 Printed Owner's Manual. Discontinued
  SM NRD515 Printed Service Manual. Discontinued
#1670 SMC NRD515 CD Service Manual on a CD (in PDF format). $15.00 Order
  SPARES Spare parts kit. INFO Discontinued
  5WAAB00090 Replacement lamp for S-Meter. VIEW Discontinued
#3564 5ZZEG00001 Fuse holder & voltage selector assembly. VIEW   VIEW REAR $28.98 Order

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