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Galaxy R-530
Shortwave Receiver


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Galaxy R-530

The Galaxy R-530 is a communications receiver providing continuous coverage from 500 kHz to 30 MHz in AM, USB and LSB modes. Frequency accuracy is 1 kHz over any of the 500 kHz tuning bands. A 2.1 kHz filter is supplied as standard. A 500 Hz CW and 6 kHz AM filter are options. This radio features a Noise Blanker, Attenuator, AF/RF Meter and AVC Fast/Slow.

The rear panel has 8 and 600 ohm audio output. 17 x 6 x 14" 25 lbs. 115/230 VAC 50-60 Hz 24W or 18 VDC max.

Order # Item Description Price Order
  SC-530 External speaker. VIEW  Discontinued
  RPA-530 Rack panel adapter. Discontinued
  FL-5305 Filter   500 Hz CW Discontinued
  FL-5306 Filter 6000 Hz AM Discontinued
  FL-53015 Filter 1500 Hz RTTY Discontinued

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