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Drake R7

The R.L. Drake R7 provides complete coverage from 10 kHz to 30 MHz. Modes include SSB, CW, RTTY, SSTV and AM. Eight additional 500 kHz segments between 0 and 30 MHz may be programmed into the optional Aux 7 board. The R7 features a digital/analog display, RF preamp, S-Meter, IF Notch, 4 position AGC (including an AGC off position), RIT and Pass Band Tuning. Frequency tuning is accomplished via sixty 500 kHz bands selected by a rotary band knob and Up/Down button selection. One bandwidth of 2.3 kHz is provided and other filters are available optionally. There is a speaker built into the left panel of the radio. The R7 operates from AC or 12 VDC.

Order # Item Description Price Order
  AUX7 Auxiliary band board. [1536] INFO Discontinued
  MS7 External speaker. INFO Discontinued
  NB7A Noise blanker. Discontinued
  RP700 Receiver protector. INFO Discontinued
  RV75 Remote synthesized external VFO. INFO Discontinued
  1544 RV-75/R-7 interface adapter. VIEW Discontinued
  SL-  300 Filter CW 300 Hz. Discontinued
  SL-  500 Filter CW 500 Hz. Discontinued
  SL-1800 Filter SSB 1800 Hz. Discontinued
  SL-4000 Filter AM 4000 Hz.[7026] VIEW Discontinued
  SL-6000 Filter AM 6000 Hz. Discontinued

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