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Drake R8
Communications Receiver


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Drake R8

The R.L. Drake Company has been a leading name in American electronic communications since 1943. The Drake R8 is a microprocessor controlled, synthesized, all-mode, world band receiver offering excellent sensitivity, high dynamic range and other features for the most demanding listener. It has been designed as a "complete package." You get many items as standard-equipment, that would be extra on other receivers. Multi-mode reception (AM, FM, USB, LSB, RTTY and CW) is featured throughout the range of the receiver (100 kHz to 30 MHz). A high-Q, 8-pole, electronically switched IF filter provides a range of five bandwidths. Later "firmware" permits user selection of bandwidths independent of mode and 100 Hz readout in AM (in later production only). The front panel liquid crystal display provides visual feedback to the operator of the current status of the receiver. In the AM mode, a selectable synchronous detector (SYNCHRO) allows for enhanced reception by eliminating or reducing distortion due to fading signals. A Passband Offset control also aids in reducing or eliminating interfering signals by electronically shifting the receiver's IF frequencies without disturbing the operating frequency. This action allows the operator to electronically move interfering signals out of the receiver's passband thus utilizing the degree of selectivity provided by the high-Q, 8-pole IF filter. The Passband Offset is also coupled to the synchronous detector (SYNCHRO) allowing the passband to be altered while the detector is in use. Other reception aids include selectable AGC, wide/narrow noise blanker, RF preamplifier for enhancing weak signals, RF attenuator for further improvement of strong signal handling capabilities and an adjustable RF gain. A Notch filter is also supplied as an effective tool to eliminate offending tones (heterodynes). A muting control allows operation with a transmitter or transceiver. The R8 provides exceptional audio to the built-in speaker.

Two VFOs (tuners) called A and B, are provided on the R8. Selection is made with the VFO function key. Frequencies can be directly entered through the keypad. A programmable memory area allows for 100 non-volatile memories segmented into blocks of ten. The following may be stored in any memory location: frequency, mode, bandwidth, AGC setting, RF setting, antenna, notch on/off, noise blanker setting and synchronous detector on/off. As a result of three scan methods and three scan modes; nine distinct scan functions are supported in the R8. The three methods are:  Stop at carrier detect, Pause 5 seconds on carrier and Pause at carrier until carrier drops for 5 seconds, then resume scan. The three modes are:  Scan all memories, all unlocked memories of user-selected list or Scan from VFO A to B.

A built-in 24 hour clock-timer allows the R8 to turn on and off at preset times. In addition, the rear panel Timer connection (5 pin DIN), allows control of small recorders, etc. to record a favorite program. The R8 rear panel provides a common DB-9 connector for standard RS-232C data communications with a terminal or personal computer (9600,1,7,1,even). This interface provides control and programming capability of the R8. Only the analog controls such as volume, RF gain, etc. are not controllable. There is also antenna inputs for coaxial lead in for wire type antennas. A variety of AC input voltages may be selected as well as 12 VDC input. The R8 is a worthy successor to the earlier Drake R7A.

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  VHF VHF Converter This internally mounted, converter covers all modes of reception from 35 to 55 MHz and 108 to 174 MHz with full frequency display. 50 Ohm SO-239 antenna jack. This option does not require soldering but does require skill and patience. Dealer installation is suggested.
For Drake R8/R8A/R8B only.
  MS8 MS8 Speaker Matching black metal speaker for improved fidelity and clarity. INFO Discontinued
#2102 MS8 R8PC Software DOS based software supplied on both a 5 inch and 3½ inch diskette. INFO $19.98 Order
#0329 MS8 R8 Service Manual Full service manual in blue Drake 3-ring binder. INFO $34.98 Order
#2085   IBS WP-R8 International Broadcast Services  I.B.S. Whitepaper  by Larry Magne
An exhaustive technical analysis, review and rating of this receiver.
$5.98 Order
#1305 DEO RG-2000U DEO RG-2000U Receiver Guard RF protection device. INFO $18.98 Order

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