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Drake RP700
Receiver Protector


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Drake RP700

The Drake RP700 receiver protector offers front-end protection necessary in close proximity to high-power transmitters. The solid state circuitry furnished protection to all RF signals even those in the microwave band. The RP700 protects the receiver at all times, even when the receiver is off or tuned to other frequencies. This device is installed in the transmission line between the antenna and the receiver and requires no power. It limits the amount of power allowed to enter the receiver, and yet has very low insertion loss.

The RP700 will handle 3.5 Amps rms (10A peak-to-peak). 175 volts rms (500V peak-to-peak) behind 50 ohms.

2 x 3.38 x 1.5 inches 4 ounces. This device is already built into the R4245 and RR3.

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