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McKay Dymek DR333
PC Shortwave Receiver


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McKay Dymek DR333

The McKay Dymek DR333 is a single board, computer controlled shortwave receiver. This dual conversion radios tunes from 10 kHz to 29.99995 kHz in AM, SSB, CW, RTTY and FAX modes. The DR-333 comes with a 6 kHz ceramic filter and 2.7 kHz mechanical filter. As many as 9999 memories and 999 band-scans are supported. A spectrum analyzer function with up to 400 stops is featured. Passband tuning is available. Outputs include: 600 Ohm Line, Speaker and earphone. The serial RS-232 jack is a DB9. It requires 12 DC at 320 ma. It requires a PC with DOS 3.1 or higher, with 256K RAMS and one 360K floppy drive. Software supplied on 5 inch diskette. 7.375 x 2.25 x 4.75 inches 2 Lbs.

The McKay Dymek DR300 is similar to the DR-333, but is a PC board only, with no enclosure

The McKay Dymek DR360 is similar to the DR-333, but is in a moisture, RF and dust protected cabinet plus it features 1 PPM stability.

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