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Yaesu FF-5
Low Pass Filter


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Yaesu ff5

The Yaesu FF-5 low pass filter is designed for longwave listeners and DXers. When listening to 150-500 kHz, strong AM stations may overload your receiver. Use the FF-5 to filter out those broadcast signals above 500 kHz, thus allowing you to log weak longwave stations.

There is a three position slide switch that changes the function:
SW/BC Position
This position is for shortwave listening above 2 MHz. It attenuates signals below 2 MHz.

BC Position
This position is for shortwave listening below 2 MHz and for medium wave listening.

150-500 kHz Position
This position is for longwave listening (below 500 kHz).

This external device is simply connected to the back of the FRG-7700 with the supplied cable.

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