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Yaesu FRV-7700
VHF Converter


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Yaesu FRV-7700

The Yaesu FRV-7700 VHF Converter was designed to work the Yaesu FRG-7700. It came in six versions:
A: 118-130, 130-140, 140-150 MHz.
B: 50-59, 118-130, 140-150 MHz.
C: 140-150, 150-160, 160-170 MHz.
D: 70-80, 118-130, 140-150 MHz.
E: 118-130, 140-150, 150-160 MHz.
F: 118-130, 150-160, 160-170 MHz.

This external VHF converter connected simply to the back of the radio with the supplied cable. The FRV-7700 may be wired simultaniously with the FRT-7700 tuner using the supplied hard-wire cables.

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#0000 85-87 D000/110 Q000/000 11/07