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Lowe HF-225
Shortwave Receiver

Lowe HF-225 Europa
Shortwave Receiver

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The Lowe HF-225 follows on the success of the HF-125, and has been designed specifically to fulfill the requirements of the dedicated shortwave listener or DX enthusiast. Its ability to perform on a crowded band with strong adjacent stations is one of its major strengths. The HF-225 is easy to use with controls being simple and sensible. Continuous coverage from 30 kHz to 30 MHz is provided in AM, USB, LSB and CW modes. The optional D-225 adds FM narrow mode and synchronous AM. Unlike other receivers the HF-225 comes complete with a comprehensive range of bandwidths:  2.2 kHz for SSB (and AM ECSS), 4, 7 and 10 kHz for AM reception. A 200 Hz audio filter is included for the CW listener. Tuning is accomplished through the use of 1 MHz UP/DOWN buttons and a multi-speed main tuning knob with recessed finger hole. Direct frequency entry is available with the optional KPAD-1 keypad controller. Thirty memories store your favorite stations. Antenna jacks are provided for either a PL-259 (50 ohm) or single wire (600 ohm). Jacks are provided for headphones, record out, speaker, 12 VDC power and optional keypad. The Lowe HF-225 provides elegant simplicity without sacrificing performance. Made in England.

The special edition Lowe HF-225 Europa version provides optimized features and performance for the demanding DX'er. It looks virtually the same as the HF-225 but features the following enhancements:
The IF filter bank has been changed to include higher specification filters.
Resulting filter values include: 2.2 kHz, 3.5 kHz, 4.5 kHz and 7.0 kHz.
Filter chokes have been replaced by quality magnetically shielded chokes.
Filter selection diodes are now replaced by low capac. switching diodes.
Filter select decoupling capacitors are bypassed by new "chip" capacitors.
The D-225 FM & Synchronous AM detector are factory installed.
The K-225 wired keypad is provided.
Frequency Range........ 30 kHz - 30 MHz
Intermediate Freqs..... 1st IF = 45 MHz, 2nd IF = 455 kHz
Modes.................. AM, LSB, USB, CW.
Tuning Increment....... 8 Hz, 50 Hz
Sensitivity............ 0.5 V SSB 2-30 MHz.
Selectivity............ 2.2 kHz	 2.3 kHz -6 dB
                        4.0 kHz	 5.9 kHz -6 dB
                        7.0 kHz	 8.8 kHz -6 dB
                        10  kHz	10.5 kHz -6 dB
Stability.............. < 30 Hz in 1 hour typical
Antenna Jack........... SO-239 50 Ohm, Terminals 600 Ohm
Distortion............. < 1% THD all modes
Output Power........... 1.6W 8 ohms 5% THD 
Power Required......... Internal battery (optional) or 12 VDC
Dimensions............. 10 x 4 x 8.3 inches (253x109x204mm)
Weight................. 4.2 lbs. (1.9 kg)  
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  B-225 Battery option holds 8 AA Nicad cells (supplied). Discontinued
  C-225 Protective black leatherette carry case Discontinued
  D-225 FM & Synchronous AM detector (Included in Europa version). Discontinued
  K-225 Wired keypad controller (Included in Europa version). INFO Discontinued
  W-225 Telescopic Whip & Preamp INFO Discontinued
  OM-225 Owner's manual for HF-225. VIEW Discontinued
#1803 IBS WP-HF225/235 International Broadcast Services  I.B.S. Whitepaper  by Larry Magne.
An exhaustive technical analysis, review and rating of this receiver.
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