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National HRO-60
Shortwave Receiver


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National HRO-60

The National HRO-60 shortwave receiver utilizes plug-in band coils. Supplied coil ranges: A 14-30, B 7-14.4, C 3.5-7.3, D 1.7-4 MHz. Other optional coils: E 900-2050, F 480-960, G 180-430, H 100-200 and J 50-100 kHz. Also: AA 27.5-30, AB 25-35, AC 21-21.5, AD 50-54 MHz. A micrometer type dial drives the main tuning capacitor through a worm drive having a reduction ratio of approximately 20 to 1. The dial has an effective scale length of approximately 12 feet and is calibrated 0 to 500. Features include: " Headphone Jack, S-Meter, Antenna Trimmer, Hinged Top Cover, RF Gain, Dial Lamp, Dimmer, Phono Input Jack, Tone, BFO, Bandspread on most standard ranges plus AVC ON/OFF. Output is 8 or 500 ohms. Shown with 60TS speaker (sold separately).

115/230 VAC 50/60 Hz. 19.75 x 10.125 x 16.5 85 lbs.

Item Description Your Price
Coil E Covers 900-2050 kHz Discontinued
Coil F Covers 480-960 kHz Discontinued
Coil G Covers 180-430 kHz Discontinued
Coil H Covers 100-200 kHz Discontinued
Coil J Covers 50-100 kHz Discontinued
NFM-83-50 Narrow band FM unit Discontinued
60TS External speaker Discontinued
SOJ-3 Select-O-Jet Discontinued
XCU-60-2 Crystal Calibrator 100/1000 kHz. Discontinued

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