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National NC-140
Shortwave Receiver


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National NC-140

The National NC-140 is a dual conversion shortwave receiver. The NC-140 tunes:  54-1.6, 1.6-4, 4-10, 10-20 and 20-30 MHz. Amateur bandspread: 3.5-4, 6.9-7.5, 13.8-14.5, 21-21.5 and 26.6-30 MHz. Shortwave bandspread: 5.9-6.3, 8.6-10, 11.7-12, 14.6-15.4, 16.4-18 and 21.5-22.1 MHz. Features include:  " headphone jack, S-Meter, notch, antenna trimmer, RF Gain control, dial lamp, BFO, optional calibrator (1000 kHz), tilt-down stand in front, AGC and ANL. Eight selectable bandwidths from 0.5-5 kHz.

This radio does not have a built-in speaker. The suggested optional speaker is the NTS-3B.

15.75 x 8.75 x 9 inches 28 lbs.

Item Description Your Price
NTS-3B External speaker Discontinued
XCU-109 Crystal calibrator (1000 kHz). Discontinued

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