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National NC-303
Amateur Band Receiver


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National NC-303

The National NC-303 is a dual conversion amateur band receiver that tunes:  1.8-2, 3.5-4, 7-7.3, 14-14.4, 21-21.5, 26.5-27.5 and 28-29.7 MHz. The radio dial is also pre-calibrated for the use of optional converters:  49.5-54.5, 143.5-148.5 and 220-225 MHz. It has a turret-type band display. It featues a smooth 40:1 tune ratio with flywheel tuning. This radio does not have a built-in speaker. The suggested optional speaker is the NTS-2TS.

105-130 VAC 50-60 Hz 70 watts. 75 watts 19.5 x 11.25 x 15 inches 60 lbs.

Item Description Your Price
NC300-C1 VHF Converter - 220 MHz Discontinued
NC300-C2 VHF Converter - 2 Meters Discontinued
NC300-C6 VHF Converter - 6 Meters Discontinued
NTS-2TS External speaker Discontinued
XCU-300 Crystal calibrator Discontinued
XCU-303 Crystal calibrator with WWV receive at 10 MHz. Discontinued

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