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The Japan Radio Company NRD-92 receiver is a dream to operate and performance, as you would expect, is second to none. Coverage is 90.00 to 29999.99 kHz with 10 Hz display in SSB, AM, CW, DSB (AM), FSK (RTTY) and FAX modes. The fixed distress frequencies of 500 and 2182 kHz are also quickly accessible from the band select knob. Supplied bandwidths include:  6, 3 and 0.5 kHz (and AUX). Other refinements include:  AF Filter, NB, Lock, Dimmer and AGC selection. The radio was supplied with the NVA-92 external speaker and a spare parts kit that includes fuse and relay hex socket screw keys. The AC input supply voltage is user selectable from the back panel. The NRD-92 is designed for mounting in a standard 19 inch commercial rack. It is shown above in its optional MPBX10832 desktop cabinet.

The Japan Radio Company NRD-92M version was built to comply with the U.K. Home Office and FTZ German specifications (includes LSB/USB rather than just SSB). It additionally has one more filter position:  6, 3, 1 and 0.3 kHz (and AUX).

Order # Photo Item Description List Price Your Price
  CFL CFL-231 This 300 Hz crystal filter provides razor-sharp CW reception. [YF455FMB] Discontinued
#0294 CFL CFL-233 This 1000 Hz filter provides sharp SSB and narrow shifted RTTY signals. [YF455DE] Discontinued
    MPBX10832 Heavy table-top cabinet (shown in photo on main page). Discontinued
  CMH-330 CMH-330 Board extender. INFO Discontinued
  DC Cord MPKC01741 DC Cord Discontinued
NDH-93 NDH-93 External memory scanning unit - 300 channel. INFO Discontinued
    NDH-95 External 300 channel memory scanning unit with 100 step preset (100 schedules per 24 hours). Discontinued
  NVA-92L NVA-92L External speaker with impedance matching transformer and cable [as supplied]. Discontinued
  ST3 ST-3 Quality communications headphones. Well padded, great sound and 1/4 inch mono plug. Discontinued

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