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The Japan Radio Company's NRD-302A was designed in compliance with the GMDSS carriage requirements under SOLAS. Coverage is 90.000 to 29999.999 kHz with 1 Hz display in LSB, USB, AM, CW, and FSK (RTTY) modes. ISB mode is offered as an option.

Coverage is 90.000 to 29999.999 kHz with 1 Hz display in LSB, USB, AM, CW, DSB (AM), FSK (RTTY) and FAX modes. Supplied bandwidths include:  6, 3, 1 and 0.3 kHz (0.5 kHz optional). The built in 300 channel memory stores:  frequency, mode, bandwidth, AGC and ATT data. Scan and sweep are supported. Other refinements include:  AF Filter, NB, Pass Band Shift, Lock, User Defined Functions, Dimmer, Self-Test, AGC selection and front-firing built-in speaker. A built in self-test function is also featured. The AC input supply voltage is user selectable from the back panel.

The NRD-302A is designed for mounting in a standard 19 inch commercial rack. It is shown above in its optional MPBX10832 desktop cabinet.

Order # Photo Item Description List Price Your Price
    526-8686 This 500 Hz crystal filter provides razor-sharp CW reception. Discontinued
    CDJ-309 Line interface circuit for remote control Discontinued
    CND-68 ISB (A) Demodulator Discontinued
    CND-69 ISB (B) Demodulator Discontinued
  CMH-330 CMH-330 CPU Board extender. INFO Discontinued
  CMH-905 CMH-905 Board extender. INFO Discontinued
  CMH-909 CMH-909 CPU Board extender. INFO Discontinued
    MPBX10832 Heavy table-top cabinet (shown in photo above). Discontinued
  DC Cord MPKC01741 DC Cord Discontinued
    NDH-95 External 300 channel memory scanning unit with 100 step preset (100 schedules per 24 hours). Discontinued
  NVA-92L NVA-92L External speaker with impedance matching transformer and cable. Does not match the radio in design or color. Discontinued
  ST3 ST-3 Quality communications headphones. Well padded, great sound and 1/4 inch mono plug. Discontinued

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