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The Japan Radio Company NRD-525 follows in the proud tradition of the NRD-505 and NRD-515. This multimode receiver tunes from 90 kHz to 34 MHz with a 10 Hz digital display. Four independent filter positions are available with a 4 kHz and 2 kHz filter standard. Select stations via manual tuning, up-down tuning, scanning, keypad entry or 200 channel memories. Advanced refinements include: Passband Tuning, Notch Filter, Scan/Sweep, Clock Timer, effective Noise Blanker, Dimmer and Tone Control. The top panel features a built-in speaker. The rear panel has a selectable antenna input and timer relay contacts. The '525' employs modular construction as found on many JRC marine receivers such as the NRD-301. It also may be used in a transceive configuration with the JST-135 (requires optional CFQ-3003 cable set and CMH-741).

Order # Item Description Price Order
  6ZCJD00139 This preassembled 6½ foot cable connects the optional CMH-530 RTTY board to a parallel printer. Discontinued
  6ZCJD00140 This preassembled 6½ foot cable connects the NRD-525 to a DB25-type serial computer port. (If you have a newer PC with a DB-9 serial port, you will then need a DB-25F to DB-9F port adapter). Discontinued
  CFL-218 1800 Hz filter for for SSB and also for wide shifted RTTY. Discontinued
  CFL-231 300 Hz filter for narrow CW or 170Hz shifted RTTY. VIEW Discontinued
  CFL-232 500 Hz filter for CW or narrow shifted RTTY. Discontinued
  CFL-233 1000 Hz filter for commercial RTTY or very narrow SSB. Discontinued
  CFQ-3003 Transceive interface cable set for JST-135. Requires CMH-532 (and CMH-741 in JST-135). Discontinued
  CMK-165 VHF-UHF internal converter adds all-mode reception of 34-60, 114-174 and 423-456 MHz. INFO Discontinued
  CMH-365 Board extender. INFO Discontinued
  CMH-530 This internally mounted board will permit the reception of common amateur RTTY at 45 and 50 baud Baudot in three shifts: 85, 200 and 425 Hz. Speed and shift are selected by the numeric keypad. The RTTY output is to a parallel printer port on the NRD-525. Tuning scope output is provided. INFO Discontinued
  CMH-532 This option permits computer control of the NRD-525 via the serial port of many PCs. Cable and software are not provided. Discontinued
  DC CORD 12 VDC Power Cord Discontinued
  NVA-88 External speaker with cable. 4 ohms. INFO Discontinued
#0165 OM NRD525 Printed Owner's Manual. Discontinued
#4667 OMC NRD525 CD Owner's Manual on a compact disk (in PDF format). $  10.00 Order
  SM NRD525 Printed Service Manual. Discontinued
#4826 SMC NRD525 CD Service Manual on a compact disk (in PDF format). $  15.00 Order
  ST-3 Deluxe monaural communications headphones. With ¼ inch 2 conductor plug. INFO Discontinued
  ROM NRD525 ROM upgrade. INFO Discontinued
#6885 BOARD PULL Pair of circuit board pullers. VIEW $5.98 Order
#3564 5ZZEG00001 Fuse holder & voltage selector assembly. VIEW   VIEW REAR $28.98 Order
#1305 DEO RG-2000U Receiver Guard RF protection device. INFO $18.98 Order

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