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Kenwood R-2000
Shortwave Receiver


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Kenwood R-2000

The Kenwood R-2000 was the first modestly priced communications receiver to offer a host of advanced capabilities; succeeding the R-600 and R-1000. The R-2000 tunes from 100 to 29999.9 kHz in five modes (AM, FM, USB, LSB, and CW). The R-2000 presents the listener with three different tuning rates (and a frequency lock) plus convenient 1 MHz UP/DOWN buttons. A noise blanker, four position attenuator, AGC and all mode squelch are also included. The ten channel memory stores frequency and mode. The band-scan mode permits the R-2000 to scan between two user selected frequencies (at three rates!). The built-in seven digit fluorescent tube digital display indicates frequency to the nearest 100 Hz. With dimmer switch. The dual 24 hour quartz digital clock-timer can be used to activate the radio and an auxiliary device (recorder, etc.) for absentee DXing. The large front mounted speaker insures good fidelity. The rear panel has input for coaxial or hi-Z wire antennas. 120 VAC. UL listed. There is also the optional VC-10 VHF converter for additional frequency coverage.

Order # Item Description Price Order
  DCK-1 DC power cable kit. INFO Discontinued
  HC-10 Digital dual timezone clock. INFO Discontinued
  SP-430 Matching speaker. INFO Discontinued
  VC-10 VHF Internal Converter Tunes 118-174 MHz in all modes. INFO Discontinued
  YG-455C CW Filter (500 Hz -6dB) Discontinued

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