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Kenwood R-5000
Shortwave Receiver


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Kenwood R-5000

The Kenwood R-5000 offers an exceptional array of advanced features coupled with high performance. It is compact, but very well laid out and a worthy successor to the popular R-2000. This all band, all mode receiver has superior interference reduction circuits and has been designed with the highest performance standards in mind. Kenwood's Dynamix system ensures an honest 102 dB dynamic range (@14 MHz, 500 Hz bandwidth, 50 kHz spacing). The dual digital VFOs are accurate to ±10 PPM insuring exceptional stability and blue phosphorous digital readout to 10 Hz! The sophisticated 100 channel memory stores mode, frequency and antenna selection. Versatile memory and frequency scanning is available with center-stop tuning. Direct keypad entry and digital 24 hour clock timer are standard. Other controls include:  Squelch, Notch, IF shift. Effective dual noise blankers, auto-manual filter select, selectable AGC and position RF attenuator are also provided. The rear panel has input for coaxial or hi-Z wire antennas. 120 VAC. UL listed. There is also the optional VC-20 VHF converter for additional frequency coverage.

Order # Item Description Price Order
  DCK-2 DC power cable kit with cigar lighter plug. INFO Discontinued
  IF-232 External RS-232C Interface (requires IC-10). INFO Discontinued
  IC-10 Serial interface chip-set for R5000 to support IF-232 option. Discontinued
  SP-430 Matching speaker. INFO Discontinued
  YK-88A1 AM Filter (6.0 kHz -6dB) VIEW Discontinued
  YK-88SN SSB Filter (1.8 kHz -6dB) Discontinued
  YK-88C CW Filter (500 Hz -6dB) VIEW Discontinued
  YK-88CN CW Filter (270 Hz -6dB) Discontinued
  VC-20 VHF Internal Converter Tunes 108-174 MHz in all modes. INFO Discontinued
  VS-1 Voice synthesizer unit. INFO Discontinued

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